Our Mission

CMHACY advances the social, emotional, and behavioral wellbeing of children and families and promotes inclusion, racial equity, and social justice for all through convening, education, and advocacy.

Entitlement of Service

Providing service to seriously emotionally disturbed children and youth.

Cost Effective

Helping to provide a fully funded comprehensive mental health system.

Statewide Standards

Common policy and standards allowing for local flexibility and accountability.

Interagency Collaboration

Cooperation is a crucial requirement for successful change.

Promote Prevention

A strong focus on early intervention.

Community Based

Emphasizing co-location of services with other agencies and schools.

Child First Approach

Serving children in the environment least restrictive to the child’s needs.

Full Continuum of Care

Includes residential services within family proximity.

About California Mental Health Advocates for Children and Youth (CMHACY)

California Mental Health Advocacy for Children and Youth (CMHACY) is a diverse association of passionate stakeholders who promote high-quality behavioral health services for children, youth, and families.  Comprised of parents, youth, public and private sector providers, educators, County agency leaders, state department officials, policymakers and professional advocates, CMHACY’s “signature event” is the annual conference held on the picturesque Asilomar Conference grounds in Pacific Grove.

Since 1980 this conference has offered a forum for policy development, spawned collaboration and partnerships among counties and providers, incubated state-wide parent and youth organizations, hosted nationally recognized speakers, and showcased cutting-edge programs and clinical advances.  The conference’s unique, “rustic” culture encourages informal interaction among consumers, providers, policymakers, and advocates.

Thank You to Our Partners!